What is Fast Funding?

Accounts Receivables Funding turns unpaid invoices into cash for your business. You choose the invoices you need funded and the amount you need, with no long term agreement.

The Process

You could get funding for your business in just 3 days!

Send your invoice to JP Capital Group
Get up to 100% of your invoice in advance, once approved
We collect the invoice from your customer
We send you the rest of your invoice payment, minus fees

Fast Funding versus a Bank Loan

Fast Funding

Bank Loans

The amount of money that you can finance grows with your receivables You can only borrow a capped or limited amount
Since it’s not a loan, you assume no debt You must pay both the principal and interest on the debt you borrow
Your funding is not solely dependent on your credit score or financial history Funding decisions are made based on credit score, financial history, and debt service coverage, as well as other criteria
Accounts Receivables are taken as collateral Extensive collateral obligations are often required
It can take less than 3 days to set up your account Securing a loan or line of credit can take up to 2 months
Minimal paperwork and documentation required Extensive paperwork, financial statements, and personal information required

How Fast Is Fast Funding?

With Fast Funding, you could have access to the cash that your business needs in just 3 days!